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Air India Cabin Supervisor BEAT A Flight Attendant After She Mistakenly Served A Non-Vegetarian Meal To A Business-Class Passenger

Air India cabin supervisor slapped a flight attendant after she mistakenly served a non-vegetarian meal to a business-class passenger 

The incident took place onboard Air India flight #AI121 on March 17 to Frankfurt. Over an hour after it departed Delhi airport at 2.20pm, “a flight attendant mistakenly served a business-class passenger non-vegetarian meal instead of a vegetarian one. The passenger, who was seated on 1D, saw it was wrong meal and pointed it out to the cabin supervisor who happened to be around,” said a source. Cabin supervisor is the person in charge of cabin crew on a flight. The supervisor took up the case with the flight attendant, who on realizing her mistake rushed to the passenger, apologized profusely and replaced his meal. Back in the galley, the supervisor was out of control. “The flight attendant said she would right away apologize to the passenger once again but the supervisor lost her temper and slapped the flight attendant,” said the source. “It was a tight slap right across her face. The business-class passengers would have heard it.” Source


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